Loan Programs

GoldView Realty is able to offer a wide range of loan options to fit your specific needs.  All of us here at GoldView Realty are of the mindset that responsible lending is paramount in the purchase of real estate.  Let us help you determine the best loan for your situation and help you set up a long term plan for the future!    

Purchase Loans:
-Conventional (3% Down with no PMI now available!)
-FHA (Down to a 500 FICO)
-Fix and Flip Loans
-Hard Money / Private Money

Down Payment Assistance:
Down payment grants are still available! Contact us to see if you qualify to have part or all of your down payment covered through one of our many programs!​

Refinance Loans:

When was the last time you had a mortgage checkup?  Contact us for a free mortgage review to see if there are any opportunities for you to save money! (Hint: If you have been living in your home at least 6 months, most of the time there is…)

Retirement Mortgages:
Are you over the age of 62 and worried that your high mortgage payment may become difficult in the future?  GoldView can help make your monthly mortgage payment optional while ensuring that you stay in your home and protect what you have built!